More Recent Projects, 2012


This past season was busy on the repair side, with several interesting projects to complete. It's always satisfying to see the smile on the owners face when the first cord is strummed after a repair and setup job.


The Dobro above needed some structural repair as well as a new setup. You can see where the top has lifted away under the neck extension.

Bernier, 001
Here's one with a nest of some kind under the cover plate. Maybe it's a spider's nest...somebody moved on in with the big guy!


Above is an example of what happens when that little screw under the palm rest is cranked on too heavily. When it comes to seating the cone to the spider the goal is to have it just tight enough to kill any rattle or buzz, say maybe one turn after contact. Much more and you can use the cone for a dog dish but not much else.

Spring, 2012

This one's just finished, another Maine sugar maple Standard with some custom touches for a Missouri picker. It's got a maple neck with a walnut center lamination and walnut binding, end graft and trim. The black chrome lyra cover plate, hardware and cone are all courtesy of Paul Beard . I haven't found anything to compare with the quality of his components. Here are some more photos;